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Lyman Whitaker

“I care deeply about our ecosystem and the world’s societal impact on it. As an artist, I can express my concern for the survival of our planet through a creative medium. The Wind Sculptures offer a comforting release from our fast-paced lives with their calm serenity and playfulness.”

Lyman Whitaker Biography

As a practicing sculptor for over 50 years, Lyman Whitaker is a master of kinetic sculpture, and his work is displayed around the world in backyards, in public venues, in urban areas, at the seaside, in museums, and beyond. Because of the durability and emotional resonance of his work, Lyman’s wind sculptures are widely respected for their beauty, quality, and longevity. 


Responding to the changing currents of the wind, Lyman’s sculptures can be seen in motion on even the calmest of days. Crafted from copper, a unique patina forms over time as the piece gradually weathers. Each design is crafted to endure a tremendous range of environmental conditions including constant winds up to 70 mph and gusts up to 90 mph, snow, ice, and coastal living. The wind sculptures come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be installed in the ground or on patios and decks.


Lyman’s personal philosophy and concern for the lack of sustainability in our culture’s present systems inform the sculptures’ organic and mystical themes. His artistic style symbolizes a hope in the bettering of our relationship with the environment. 


We share this same hope at Epilogue, and we invite you to celebrate nature’s beauty and rhythmic dance, whether you choose a single piece or create your own wind forest. Please stop by our gallery garden to see Lyman’s captivating wind sculptures in action. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and assist in installation or deciding landscape placement.

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