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Houston Llew


The belief that emotion empowers meaningful art is what inspires Houston Llew’s Spritile collection and legacy. Every Spritile is crafted to speak the words of our world’s most admired individuals while capturing your personal sentiments. When collected, each Spiritile reflects a piece of your story, reminding you of the people you love, the things you cherish, and the dreams you chase.


Spritiles are handcrafted enamel artworks created using finely ground glass that is fired to copper through a series of intricate stencil techniques. In creating each tile, Houston pairs engaging images with meaningful messages to amplify happiness in all of its forms.


We strive to carry Houston’s full collection, including his larger, limited edition artwork. We love working closely with Houston and his staff in order to provide our customers with a great experience in designing a custom wall or simply finding that one tile to make the perfect gift. 


Whether you are looking to highlight a memory, to mark a celebration, or to capture a raw emotion, we—your friends at Epilogue—are excited to share stories, smiles, and laughter as we find the Spiritile that uplifts and celebrates you.

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