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“Two of my beloved grannies taught me to sew at the age of eight and I knew then what I was born to do. Being able to engineer a simple bit of cloth into something that can transform the way a woman feels about herself is powerful and humbling.  The psychology of fashion and how to encourage women to recognize and celebrate their inherent beauty and worth is our goal.”


angelrox, a family business founded by fashion designer Roxi Suger, produces sustainable clothing items in the historic town of Biddeford, Maine. Made from bamboo and plant-based fibers, each garment is extraordinarily soft, breathable, supportive, and soothing even to the most sensitive skin. With easy to care for and durable fabrics, angelrox’s clothing allows you to dance through your busy days with ease. Their versatile designs are hand-cut and sewn from start to finish by a single stitcher using American-made machines.

For over 20 years, Roxi Suger has inspired her customers, or angels as she calls them, to recognize their unique beauty and to feel good from within with her timeless, versatile designs and positive sizing. Her collections are flattering to women of all ages, stages, shapes, and sizes. Roxi continues to find ways to live out her mantra: may peace prevail.

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