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angelrox is a family business crafting wares in an historic textile mill in Biddeford, Maine. Their versatile designs are made by a dedicated team that crafts each piece with care and joy using traditional techniques. Each piece is sewn from start to finish by a single stitcher using american made machines that were invented in 1881 in New England. angelrox clothing is made from bamboo and cozy sustainable plant based fibers that breathe and feel wonderfully comfortable on sensitive skin. The colors are drawn from nature and blend beautifully when layered. A rich dose of stretch supports and comforts the body in the most loving way for a great fit across a range of body types and sizes. Easy to care for and durable, angelrox allows customers to dance through their busy days with ease while planting their feet gently upon the ground. Designer and owner, Roxi’s mission of helping women to recognize their unique beauty through her designs and positive sizing is conveyed and supported in every aspect of her business and somehow in the clothing itself. 

angelrox bamboo fabric dress
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angelrox clothing epilogue long grove art gallery
angelrox clothing epilogue long grove art gallery
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